Friday, April 7, 2017

The Late Blog

I wrote this blog a week ago but forgot to post it… Prepare for old news.
This past week has been more relaxed than others. I was happy to be able to catch my breath but now I’m ready to go again. We’ve been out visiting with brethren (and got a visit from two men from Nkhotakota) and I’ve been working in the Lifenets office. Lifenets has a business office and shop here in Lilongwe. I’ve been helping in the shop (My experience as a supervisor at a grocery store has paid off!) by condensing and organizing paperwork, setting prices, and working in the shop itself. The shop has a new employee—the past employee left to become a police officer—and she is great! I love being able to work with her and see how stuff is done here in Malawi.
            Brennan has been very busy with hymnal accompaniment. Anyone who knows Brennan knows how musical he is. For the past two weeks he has been learning the hymns on the guitar and got the youth involved by having them sing back up. The worship portion of services is so uplifting and joyful now!
            Last Sunday, we drove up to Mzuzu to visit the Kachali family. I’ve known the family since I was 13 so it was exciting to see where they live. Mzuzu is in the northern region of Malawi, about six hours north of Lilongwe. Northern Malawi is a bit cooler and has a lot more forest than the central and southern parts. I was told that years ago Mzuzu was a huge forest, but since the illegal sale of coal is so prevalent, the forest has been diminished and parts have completely disappeared. Being with the Kachali family was a lot of fun though! We had a Bible study at a near by church hall and ate some delicious food.

            The Thursday after Mzuzu we visited Emmanuel Rashid and his four-year-old son. It was a great time! I really enjoy that part of being here. The next day was a weird one. Lewis, Brennan, and I waited to meet up with two men from Nkhotakota. As I said in previous blogs, people travel by minibus taxis, and while the minibuses will take you all over the country, they are by no means, fast. Due to traffic and just general minibus slowness, the trip that took us three hours in a private vehicle, took them eight. Once they arrived, the VanAusdles, Julianna, the Nkhotakotians, Brennan and I had a good dinner and good conversations. We’re continually surrounded by spiritual conversations and debates, which reminds me of ABC. I feel like ABC was our training ground and here is where we get to practice.

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